Lake Toba

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Zoe Home stay (Zoe Pension):

Recently renovated simple home stay in Tuk-Tuk which is clean and has hot showers where the night costs the backpacker only 100.000 Rp (7 €). We think the best you can get there for this price. It is a very quiet guesthouse which is located just by the lake with direct access for swimming. The little garden in between the houses offers a beautiful view and a great place for a barbecue, if the owner successfully catches some fresh fishes that day. A big recommendation. There are four renovated rooms and one traditional very simple Batak house (check out the photograph below), which only costs 60.000 Rp the night.


View from the private garden with direct acces to the lake

Zoe Homestay in Tuk Tuk, Lake Toba (Sumatra) – In the back you see a typical Batak house, which is also availabe to sleep in

How to get there:

Take the ferry from Parapat, don’t get out at the first stop in Tuktuk, its one or two further. Just ask at the ferry for where to hop off. From the harbor its a 5 min walk at max, go up to the street, turn right and after 200 meter its on the right side.

Sadly we cannot give you the exact location on google maps, since the satellite data is not detailled enough in this part of the island.

Samosir Cottages

We heard of people being happy about their stay in the Samosir Cottages also directly at the lake offering a terrace with a nice view over the lake

Tele(phone) number: (0625) 451170, Fax: (0625) 451005, mobile: 081361442240 or 082164591448, Email:

For further hostels check out the Wikitravel page on Lake Toba


Juwita Café

Highly recommended! Amazing pancakes, great food for a reasonable price, friendly atmosphere and free wifi.

The owner picked up several languages and is a very welcoming and friendly older lady, the cafe is named after one of her daughters. Her son also works there and does voluntary English-classes for Indonesian kids. The mother also offers cooking classes in a private atmosphere were you then learn to prepare several different dishes.

In the backyard they have a table with an outstanding view over the lake. Just a perfect place to relax. You also get great assistance and help to plan your tours over the island – additionally they also offer a scooter for rent.

Our favorite meals:

Pancakes and the eggplant curry, it is just excellent! To drink, order a fresh passion fruit juice – crunchy and tasty.

Don’t Miss:

Rent a motorbike and discover the island on your own. Go up the mountain for breathtaking views, bath in waterfalls or visit the Stone Chairs in a former Batak village, where death-penalties have been sentenced…

Beware of the bad roads and check your brakes thoroughly since the mountain roads are steep.

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