Myanmar – General Tips

Shortly we will add some general information about Myanmar.


If your are already travelling throughout asia, best place to apply for your Visa is probably Bangkok. There are several Websites on the internet that explain in detail the Visa procedure. It is fairly easy and if you are willing to pay more, you can even get a same-day Visa now. The cheapest option is having your Visa returned three days later.

If you have your Visa, it is possible since Autumn 2013 to enter Myanmar not only by a flight to Yangon or Mandalay but also via a land border from e.g. Thailand. We are 100 % certain that you can do so in Mae Sai and Mae Sot, for other border crossings ask in the embacy.


Nowadays in almost every city exist ATM’s that accept foreign credit cards. On the ATM’s you will get the local currency Kyat that can be used to pay for almost everything in Myanmar. The exceptions: Hotels and Guest Houses demand US-Dollar and only sometimes accept Kyat instead. Entrance fees can usually only be paid in US-Dollar or Euro, train tickets must be paid in US-Dollar.

Make sure to have Dollar bills in pristine condition that are printed after 2006, anything else will not be accepted by any bank or hotel in Myanmar. If you want to change US-Dollar into Kyat, 100 $ and 50 $ bills give better exchange rates than smaller notes.

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