Luang Prabang Travel Tips

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The Busstation in Luang Prabang:

There are more than one bus stations in Luang Prabang, best tell the driver what is your desired destination and he make sure he knows where to go. Transport to and from the city with a Tuk-Tuk  is 20.000 Kip p.P. Best come early and buy your ticket to leave the city there (at least 30.000 Kip cheaper, but most of the time much more). If You buy the ticket via an agency they promise you a hostel pickup. Trusting in that we almost missed our bus and only didn’t, because we chartered a tuk-tuk at the last minute for additinal expenses. Afterwards we read on the Internet that this apparently happens a lot in Luang Prabang. The Bus Company that handles most of the transports:

  • Viengchaleune Road transport
  • phone number: 071252066
  • Email:

For General transport informations take a look at the Wikitravel site for Luang Prabang


Guesthouses are relatively expensive in Luang Prabang. Expect to be asked 100.000+ Kip for a tiny and damp room with bathroom. A very nice and atmospheric tiny street with plenty guesthouses is marked in the following map. Rooms start at 90.000 Kip.

 Our recommendation – KHONESAVANH Guesthouse

  • phone number: 071252061

The rooms are tiny but have wodden floors and walls. They are clean and ideal for the unspoiled backpacker on a tight budget. The night costs 60.000 Kip for rooms with shared and 80.000 Kip with private bathroom. The big plus is the cosy but stylish lounge area to chill and hang out during the hot days. This place still has some charme, altough the bathrooms could be better maintained.

Food and Drinks:

During the day

At the corner on the main street where the night market begins several street vendors sell delicious baguettes starting from 10.000 Kip and fresh fruit juices (5000+).

In the evening

All the restaurants at the main road are very expensive. Skip those completely if you can live without pizza or burgers and go to the local food market. It is situated in a tiny street that goes off to the left from the main road right after the beginning of the night market – From 6-10 pm several food stalls offer all kinds (~30 different dishes) and plenty of fried lao delicacies: choose from pasta over spring rolls to fried pumpkins and other vegetables. Absolutely unbeatable prices! You only pay 10.000 Kip per plate, so fill up your plate with all and as much as you like and just enjoy!

Don’t Miss:

Filling your belly for only 10.000 Kip with great lao delicacies on the food market from 6-10 pm.

Sunset over the Mekong. Absurd colors!

What you should probably skip:

  • Surrounding Waterfalls
  • Showing a lot of skin (tank tops, mini pants or skirts) That counts for both guys and girls – there are already enough flashpackers coming from Chiang Mai doing that without any respect for the local customs … Don’t be one of them!
  • Going out to party in Luang Prabang- you’ll end up bowling anyways …

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