Social Visa extension on Bali – part II

Just a very short update – instead of relaxing in the Yoga capital of Bali, Ubud, we completely occupied by making our VISA extension possible. Its a very complicated story and today I don’t have the time for details. But check by tomorrow again to read more about the never ending story of corruption in indonesia… – and what it means if the entire state goes on holiday for about 2 weeks 😉

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Do you need to extend your VISA in Bali?

Detailled description of your VISA extension (VISA on arrival or Social VISA) in Indonesia

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4 thoughts on “Social Visa extension on Bali – part II

  1. Hi there
    I cannot believe there is a place worse with corruption than my homeland 😉
    We have now high summer in Europe and driving yesterday through Germany to Poland Chris said “It is for sure warmer here than it was in Sumatra or Siberut ” :-)
    Greetings for both of you from hot Poland
    Peter and Chris

    • Hey hey there. Well we have not experienced Polands corruption so far, but no wonder you always stayed so calm with Ed. My anger might also just origin in my german rules loving genes;-)
      Anyhow, it might be hotter in Europe right now but it still has less leeches over there, so enjoy it! :-)
      Btw, my shoes still have this unique mud smell…

  2. Mhmmm. Yup. I understand the words in this post. Hope you guys are having a great time, even with all the injuries, sicknesses, and visa woes.

    • Hi Matt,it’s so great to hear from you.and yes we have a great time, the time of our life. ;-D Did you not see the dirty-dancing pictures? the last days were quite stressful but now it’s all good.are you using google translator to read the other posts as well?
      actually with skipped our plans again and now we’re going for our first dive… One hour drive away, just decided yesterday.

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