Sumatra – General Tips

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Sumatra is compared to Bali or even Java less developed and follows simpler rules. The prices for accomodation are still moderate, usually you’ll find decent rooms for around 100.000 Rp, of course also depending on the city. But don’t expect western toilets or hot showers. You get compensated for the lack of comfort by the partially untouched nature you’ll find there and by naturally happy and friendly people that approach tourists in a friendly manner and don’t see them solely as cash-cows. If you bring a guitar to sumatra, you will be in the center of attention and almost every indonesian will approach you just for chitchatting – a great way to get to know the people.


Gladly there is no need to stay for long in the capital of Sumatra, since the city is just noisy, chaotic, dirty, very crowded and offers nothing special of interest. Be prepared to get scammed. Don’t get into the taxis directly at the airport (if so, you have to fix the price on one of the taxi counters there), just walk over the street to the bluebird taxis which offer much better rates or even Taxameter, which probably is the best choice if you check that the driver doesn’t take detours (without GPS you will loose track in this chaotic city)

Bukit Lawang

A small village directly in the jungle (Gunung Leuser National Park) where trekkings are organized to see both wild and set-free Orang Utans.

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