Malaysia – General Tips


Travelling inside Malaysia is fairly simple and you can choose from a variety of bus/train connections of different companies. The roads are all good and the busses usually are more comfortable than you have ever travelled in Europe. That means on the other hand that the transfer is not excessively cheap, usually around 5 euros (20 Ringit) per 2 hours drive – the longer the drive, the better the rate. The tickets are best purchased directly at the bus terminals from on of the many “agent boxes” and bus connections are so frequent that there is usually no need to buy them in advance, just check the schedule beforehand.


A big increase in variety and quality compared to indonesia or other countries, since the indian, the chinese and the malaysian cuisine are all available. The place you don’t want to miss on your cuisine expedition is Georgetown, which is known for its high class and amazingly tasty dishes.

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