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How to get there:

There are direct buses from Bangkok in the early morning and late evening, from Sukhothai a mini bus to Mae Sot leaves at 9:20  (157 Baht – 4-5 hours). From Mae Sot to Mae Sariang run no busses, but songthaews frequently travel this dusty and bumpy road (5 hours – 130 Baht). They start from the bus station – it is usually also possible to hop on at the market. For a more detailled information check out the Wikitravel Mae Sot page!


The Picturebook guesthouse - 125/4-6 Soi 19 Intharakiri Rd - phone: +66 904596990

The Picturebook guesthouse – 125/4-6 Soi 19 Intharakiri Rd – phone: +66 904596990

A very special tip and an absolute recommendation is the Picturebook Guesthouse in Mae Sot. The place ist just gorgeous and an oasis of tranquility with its secluded garden. The rooms (only 8)  cost 600 Baht (deluxe 700 Baht) but they are so worth the money and breakfast is also included. Comfortable, clean and very stylish – absolute unique. The Picturebook Guesthouse belongs to a local organization, that works on a non-profit basis for vocational training of Burmese refugees. Thus it supports the education of burmese young adults to offer them the chance to work in Thailand and to earn good money. It is quite modernly designed and furnished with a great deal of detailes. Yoga classes are offered for just 100 Baht an hour, good mountain bikes are also available for rent. Since it is very popular, you should consider a reservation ahead of time, or call at least before you go there to confirm if it has empty rooms, since it is not directly in the center of the city, but only a 3 minutes walk from the local market

Check out the homepage of the Picturebook Guesthouse and learn all about their social project! Not without reason the number one Guesthouse on Tripadvisor for Mae Sot.

  The location on Tripadvisor is wrong, in the map below is shown with the green arrow the correct location: Ver mapa más grande Its always a great help to read the recommendations for accommodation on Tripadvisor: Tripadvisor Mae Sot


Since Mae Sot is so close to the burmese border, you have the chance to try delicious burmese dishes. A must: the tea leaf salad and the burmese tomato salad! You can also try the typical and delicious burmese dishes such as the vegetable curries while being in Myawaddy, the bordertown of Myanmar.

Visa Run:

Doing the Visa Run in Mae Sot is very easy and comfortable. From the town Mae Sot you can go by bike or motorbike to the border, just follow the highway in direction west. Leave your bike and enter the bridge, at the counters on the left hand side you can do your thai emigration stuff, then you must head on over the bridge and enter Myanmar. When you stand directly in front of the big gate, you will see the immgration office on the right hand side, the boarder guys are very friendly and helpful. You can either pay 500 Baht or 10 US $ (take care that the bill is from the year 2006 or newer and is almost pristine) and you can spend the day in Myanmar while they keep your passport. Or you just tell them that you will leave immediately, so you might have to wait a bit until they have everything prepared. If you don’t stay for longer, you don’t need to fill out any detailled form! On the way back just walk passed the long cue of thai and burmese people right until the last counter on the left – it is only for foreigners and shortly after you are ready to go. G8 citizens get a 30 day Visa in Thailand now, anybody else gets only 15 days by entering over a land border.

Don’t miss:

Doing your Visa run 😉 While doing so, on the Thai side there is market with thai and burmese goods. A great place to shop clothes or souvenirs for the loved ones. When you walk towards the border on the Thai side, don’t go onto the bridge but stay on the right site of it. When you reach the river, the market is on the the right hand side.

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